Awesome Hanging Fireplace Design with Elegant Look, Gyrofocus by Dominique Imbert

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Gyrofocus is an incredible fireplace design that designed by Dominique Imbert in 1968. This fireplace has been exhibited at various museums in the years 1996-1998 and was elected at the 2009 Design Awards Pulchra as the world’s most beautiful object. It was an amazing design of the first suspended 360° pivoting fireplace. The fireplace is perfect to complement contemporary or modern interior decor in your home. Gyrofocus constructed from high quality materials with a diameter of 1:25 m, weight 97 kg; standard plate weight: 19 kg; flue: 16 kg / m. This fireplace is completed with the highly heat-resistant matt black paint and trapdoor for removing ash.

hanging fireplace with stainless steel Gyrofocus

This fireplace is equipped with a stainless steel ball-bearing system that allows the fireplace to be played. It is very easy to be directed to overlook the various parts of the room in your home. An attractive design that is able to create special warmth to the cold weather. You can enjoy a cup of hot coffee while lounging beside this fireplace. Visit Focus soon for more information about this incredible fireplace design.

incredible fireplace design by Dominique Imbert


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